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Capturing Trends and Global Outlook: Advanced and Emerging Technologies
September 24, 2009 - 12:00-5:00pm
New York, NY 10036

  • CONFERENCE CHAIR: Mostafa Analoui, PhD, Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences
    EVENT DIRECTOR: Jonathan Mason, jonathan@livingstonsecurities.com, 212-520-8479
    This is a unique and by invitation-only conference to bring together key stakeholders from pharmaceutical, capital investment, business strategy and federal science and regulatory segments. Conference will include three topics, which are among top global issues for investors currently. Attendance in the conference is intended to be limited to assure open and interactive dialogue among participants during the sessions and networking breaks. This is intended to collectively identify key trends, as well as mutual opportunities among participants for deal making.
  • INTRODUCTION: Overview and key investment indicators
  • SESSION I: Drug Discovery and Development: Early to Mid- Stage Fund Raise and Alliance
    · Major Pharma
    · Small/Emerging company view
    · VC/PE
  • SESSION II: Diagnostics: Valuation and Future Directions
    · Current Landscape
    · Business/technology and finance
    · Key future directions
  • SESSION III: Global and Emerging Investment Opportunities
    · Overview and key players
    · SPAC and Healthcare
    · Global VCs and PEs
    Invitees include CEOs, CFOs, COOs for a broad range of pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and platform technology companies, a select number of US and International VCs and PEs, along with key policy makers and federal science and regulatory agencies.
  • BJ Bormann, PhD, VP of Business Development, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals
    Bill Burkoth, Director of Venture Capital, Pfizer Inc
    Mike Krams, MD, VP of Clinical, Wyeth
    Alex Engels, VP of International Strategy, Baxter
    David Collier, MD, Managing Director, CMEA Venture
    Katherine Holland, General Manger, IBM Global Life sciences
    Michael Nowak, PhD, Yorkville Partners
    Misty Ushio, PhD, VP of Harris & Harris Venture
    Richard Franks, MD, PhD, VP Medical Affairs and Clinical Strategy, GE Healthcare
    Amit Kulkarni, PhD, Chemical Nanotechnology, GE Global Research
    Gary Fletcher, PhD, Technology R&D, Becton-Dickenson (BD) Diagnostics
    Douglas Fambrough, MD, Managing Partner, Oxford Bioscience Partners
    Frank Lin, PhD, EuclidSR Venture
    Jonathan White , MD, Head of R&D at Haemonetics
    Ben Schrag, PhD, NSF, TBC
    Barry Heavey, IDA Ireland, TBD
    De Souza Christopher, PhD, VP of Bus Dev Skyepharma
    Wendy Sanhai, FDA, tentative
    Amar Sharma, PhD, aVP of Clinical, Wyeth
    Eugene Seymour, MD, CEO of Nanoviricides, Inc
    Camilla khevenhueller Borghese, President of ibi, Rome, Italy
    Giannis Tomazos, PhD, CEO of Biorasis