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Livingston Securities fosters an entrepreneurial spirit, where self-initiative and team-building skills are held in high esteem. We take pride in the diversity of our employees, who abound in creative thinking and tenacity. From the very start of your employment with Livingston Securities, you will take on a fundamental role within a dynamic team. You will be expected to work closely with the CEO and Directors and meet with important clients. You will gain valuable insight into the financial markets as well as develop your own relationships with investors and corporations.

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Livingston Securities offers challenging internships for talented and qualified students. An internship at Livingston Securities is a unique opportunity to explore your interest in emerging technology in relation to finance. You will gain valuable work experience by working on meaningful projects and meeting with leaders in the corporate and financial world. Internships are primarily offered during the summer.

Submit your resume and cover letter to jobs@livingstonsecurities.com