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  • Keynotes for the 2009 Livingston Nanotechnology Conference include:
  • John Chiang, California State Controller
  • Tom Baruch, Founder & Managing Director, Energy & Materials
    CMEA Capital
  • Roger Duncan, Chairman & CEO, Austin Energy, the 8th largest public utility in America
  • Charlie Gasparino, Wall Street Investigative Reporter, and Author newly released "The Sellout"
  • Bob Prieto, Senior Vice President - Strategy & Infrastructure Group, Fluor Corp

Breakout Sessions
There will be breakout sessions for investors to meet CEOs and senior executives from public and private companies to learn more about them and their businesses.

Attendees can meet and interact with decision makers from America's largest companies, CEOs of leading public and private growth companies, portfolio managers and analysts from top public and private investment institutions, and other key decision makers and influential members of the nanotechnology community.

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